E-House 配电屋


  • E-House内主要组成部分包括中压变压器、中低压开关柜、逆变器柜、变频器柜、PLC控制柜、计算机操作员站等设备。

  • 典型的E-House还配备了内部照明设备、电源插座、电源分配箱、火灾探测系统和合适的采暖通风设备

  • 节约成本可达约20%

  • 可减少交货期达50%


  • An E-House is a pre-fabricated electricdal building, fully equipped with products include medium-volate switchgear, low-voltage switchboards, busbar trunking system, and auxiliary equipment. it is completely developed, manufactured, assembled and pre-tested at the factory.

  • To ensure safe operation, E-Houses are equipped with fire and smoke system, fire fighting systems, emergency exits, and access control. A heading, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) for smooth operation at high ambient air temperature can be installed on the foof, inside or outside of any E-House.

  • E-House are standardized solution with cost saving potential of up to 20%.

  • E-House are fast and easy to install: reduced lead time of up to 50%.