3AD8 户外跌落式熔断器快速保护开关

3AD8 FuseSaver


  • 自充电,即插即用,电子控制方案,单相故障开断设备..防止由于暂时性故障导致的系统断电。

  • 与跌落式熔断器串联使用

  • 在半个周波内即可检测,提前消除故障

  • 为低故障线路提供保护及自动化方案


  • Powered, plug and play, electronically controlled, single-phase fault interrupting device that prevents a fuse from blowing on transient faults.

  • Connected in series with a fuse.

  • Capable of detecting, opening and clearing a fault in a half cycle.

  • Protection and automation of low fault level lines